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Guidelines may promote over-diagnosis of cow’s milk allergy in infants, study finds — ScienceDaily

International guidelines developed to help doctors diagnose cow's milk allergy may lead to over-diagnosis, according to University of Bristol-led research published in the...

Study shows more than 50% of products did not declare sesame on the label — ScienceDaily

In 2021, the US Congress passed the Food Allergy Safety, Treatment, Education & Research Act which, among other things, added sesame to the...

Researchers lay groundwork for potential dog-allergy vaccine — ScienceDaily

There have been many research efforts describing the nature and progression of dog allergies, but there have been very few applied studies that...

A detailed mechanistic study unravels how the bacterial endotoxin LPS prevents or promotes allergic disease — ScienceDaily

Immunologists have long been baffled by LPS, the bacterial lipopolysaccharide that helps form the cell walls of Gram-negative bacteria. Many experiments show that exposure...

NIH trial found experimental therapy also reduced most children’s sensitivity to peanut — ScienceDaily

A clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health has found that giving peanut oral immunotherapy to highly peanut-allergic children ages 1...

New hair dyes avoid allergic reactions — ScienceDaily

A bad dye job is bad enough on its own, but an itchy and irritating allergic reaction to it is even worse. And...

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