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5 Cardio Warm-Up Exercises for Crossfit Training That You Can Also Do HIIT With

Exercise is good for health but there are so many different exercises and not every exercise is good for everybody. Apart from this, gender, age group, and metabolism rate are also important. There are different workout patterns that people follow. Each pattern has its significance. If you closely look at the workout patterns you will see that they mainly consist of cardio or aerobic exercises. Some workout patterns have small intervals in between them, others repeat the same exercises over and over whereas others use simple progressive exercises for muscle gain.

With the help of this article, we will mainly explore some of the easiest yet most effective cardio workouts that can be used for warm-ups. These workouts can be arranged for the cross-fit training as well as for the HIIT-based training.

Best Cardio Workouts For CrossFit and HIIT

Within cross fit, you will mainly find weight-based training and this is mainly strength-based training that also improves your endurance. Apart from this HIIT mainly consists of high-intensity cardio-based workout. Some of the best workouts include:


Most people add death by burpees into their cross-fit training because it helps you work on all body muscles. By the end of the workout you will feel exhausted but you will also feel that your muscles are getting toned.

Jumping Jack

This is one of the most intense workouts that require full-body engagement. You will move from X to 1. The simple way is to increase the intensity by hyping up the speed and working on technique.

Box Jump

Box jump mainly helps you use your lower body. You just have to step with both feet on a high box. Your main goal is to jump in a way that you land on your feet. Most people think they might fall but with good training, you will get the grip.

Push Up

Excellent for core, shoulder, and arms. This workout helps you use your body weight for better strength. So far it is one of the best endurance and strength-based training that is used for not only measuring the progress but also evaluating the quality of strength.


Excellent for the core, this workout will help you burn your belly fat and also help you crunch up that core muscles. You just need to keep it tight and let your body breathe. This might look easy at the start but it is a very intense workout that requires a lot of training.

Bottom Line

To some all up, it all comes down to the selection of simple exercises that you enjoy. This is mainly because within a cross fit and HIIT workouts you will have a set of patterns with small internals. If you do not find these simple exercises engaging and fun, you will lose motivation to continue. Overall, a high-intensity workout that can help you sweat no matter how engaging it is will help you continue your exercises. People who just work on the selection of good exercises without thinking about the technique might even end up with some kind of injury.



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