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How hearing stories of ‘Breast Implant Illness’ from other women put me off getting the surgery


Like many women, I grew up having my body frequently commented on — and not always in a positive way.

That was tough, particularly during my teen years, as I waited for breasts which simply never grew.

We Aussies love boobs — a lot apparently. In 2018, more than 20,000 Australians decided to get breast implants.

Breast augmentation is Australia’s (and the world’s) most popular cosmetic surgery procedure and if the statistics are anything to go by, the desire for bigger breasts isn’t going away.

Myjanne stands topless with her hands over her breasts. She has a couple of tattoos, one on her chest, one between her breasts.
In 2020 Myjanne decided she would get breast implants.(Supplied: Myjanne Jensen)

I know many people who have fake boobs and in recent years I started to notice more women getting them done.

So in 2020, after toying with the idea for years, I finally decided I too wanted to get breast implants.

But first I needed to know more.

‘Every girl wants to look in the mirror and feel confident’

I reached out to some of my friends with implants and I met Vanilla Browny — a sassy, 25-year-old tattoo model and content creator for the adult entertainment industry.

Like me, Vanilla also grew up feeling like her body was out of proportion to her breast size.

“I was 19 when I got my implants and I guess for me, I wanted to get them done because I wanted to feel more like a woman,” Vanilla says.

Vanilla, who has blue hair and flower tattoos on her arm sits topless, her arm covering her breasts.
Vanilla now acts as a body positivity advocate online.(Supplied: Vanilla/mbrandphotography)

“Growing up, people bagged me out for not having big boobs, because obviously having big boobs is meant to be more feminine and sexy.

“Every girl wants to look in the mirror and feel confident and good about themselves, so for me it was about creating a more aesthetic and proportionate shape to my body.”

She was “super happy” with the result and says she felt better about herself.

“I was also telling all my friends about them and how affordable they were now with all these new payment plans. I loved them.”


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